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Responding to False Allegations of Domestic Assault

 Posted on October 06, 2021 in Domestic Violence

IL criminal lawyerThere is no doubt that domestic violence is a real concern in the Chicago area. On average, more than 500 people call domestic violence hotlines every day in the Chicago area.

The state of Illinois takes domestic battery and family violence very seriously. Individuals convicted of domestic violence offenses often face lengthy prison sentences and other serious consequences. Sadly, some people use Illinois’s strict policies to “punish” or get revenge on others by reporting false accusations of domestic violence.

If you or a loved one were accused of domestic violence by a current or former romantic partner, household member, or family member, contact a criminal defense lawyer right away for personalized legal guidance.

Comply With Any Protection Orders

Many people are surprised to learn that a supposed domestic violence victim can get an order of protection even if they do not have evidence of the alleged abuse. To protect legitimate victims, Illinois courts issue Emergency Orders of Protection based on the petitioner’s testimony alone.

If you are subject to an order of protection, follow the provisions described in the order – even if the petitioner received the order through deception. Violating the order of protection can damage your defense case. Furthermore, violating any element of the order of protection is a criminal offense punishable by fines and jail time. You may need to temporarily move out of your home, relinquish custody of your children, or take other steps to avoid violating the terms of the order.

Do Not Speak to Police Without Your Lawyer

Many people who are falsely accused of crimes assume that they can avoid conviction by simply telling the truth. After all, if they did nothing wrong, they have nothing to hide from the police. Unfortunately, answering police questions can decrease your chances of dismissal or acquittal. Police can use consuming and deceptive interrogation tactics to garner a confession. You could easily say something in the heat of the moment that worsens your situation. If questioned by police, state that you want your lawyer and then say nothing. If police continue to ask you questions about the circumstances of the alleged assault, your relationship to the alleged victim, or anything else, say nothing.

Contact a Cook County Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of assault, battery, or another domestic violence offense, contact a Chicago domestic violence defense attorney from Luisi Legal Group for help. Our team understands the significance of the charges against you. We can help you gather evidence to build a tenacious defense. Call us at 773-276-5541 for a confidential case assessment today.





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