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Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense, and the consequences of a conviction often include hefty fines and prison time. Your driving privileges could also be suspended or revoked, even if you are not convicted.

When you have been charged with drug possession or any other drug-related crime, you can rely on our attorneys to ensure your rights are fully protected, including those regarding improper search and seizure.

Property crimes in Illinois include retail theft, burglary/robbery, and more. Theft-related charges may be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the value of the property and other circumstances, and our lawyers will work hard to help you avoid a conviction.

Allegations of domestic violence can create a lifetime of trouble, with or without a criminal conviction. We are ready to assist you in clearing your name, and maintaining a positive relationship with your children.

Our attorneys can help you fight traffic tickets and other violations that could potentially impact your ability to drive. Moving violations can be especially problematic if you hold a commercial driver’s license and earn a living behind the wheel.

Whether you have been charged with homicide, assault, battery, or any form of sex crime, our attorneys will work to provide the best defense possible. You have rights under the law, and we will make sure that they are not compromised in any way.

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Facing criminal charges of any type can be frightening. A single conviction could significantly impact your life and the opportunities available to you in the future. At Luisi Legal Group, we know that choosing the right attorney is critical to avoiding conviction and obtaining a favorable outcome in your case. No matter how serious the charges against you may be, we are ready and willing to provide the responsible, cost-effective defense representation you deserve.

For more than 15 years, our experienced attorneys have been fighting on behalf of clients throughout Cook County facing a wide variety of criminal charges. In that time, we have earned a reputation as lawyers who know how to win even the most difficult cases. When you choose Luisi Legal Group, you will be working with a team that not only handles cases like yours, but wins cases like yours.

Contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation. Call 773-276-5541 for an appointment. One of our lawyers will meet with you to discuss your case, answer your questions, and help you decide how to proceed with building your defense. From our offices in downtown Chicago, we are proud to serve clients in all of the neighborhoods throughout Cook County, including Bucktown, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park. We also assist clients throughout all of the Chicago area courthouses, including the 26th and California Courthouse, Skokie Court, Richard J. Daley Center, Maywood Courthouse, Markham Court, and Bridgeview Courthouse.

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The experienced team at Luisi Legal Group knows the law, and we are equipped to help you find the answers to whatever questions you may have. Over the years, many of our clients have asked similar questions, and we have compiled some of the most common, complete with answers from our founding partner, Attorney Vincent A. Luisi, Jr.



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