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Chicago Lawyers for DUI Causing Injury or Death

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When you drive drunk, you not only put yourself at risk for serious administrative and criminal penalties, but you also endanger the health and well-being of your passengers, occupants of other vehicles, and pedestrians. If you cause an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the charges against you will significantly increase, along with the associated consequences. At Luisi Legal Group, we understand the implications of being convicted of DUI causing injury or death, and we are prepared to provide the quality representation you deserve.

Legal Counsel for DUI Cases Involving Injuries

Attorney Vincent A. Luisi, Jr. founded Luisi Legal Group in 2000 on the idea that every person accused of a crime should have access to responsible, affordable legal counsel. Since then, he and his team have helped hundreds of clients obtain favorable outcomes and verdicts, even in the most challenging of circumstances. At our law firm, we know how to get results, and we are committed to working hard on your behalf when you have been charged with DUI.

Under Illinois law, a first or second offense DUI is normally prosecuted as a Class A misdemeanor. There are several factors, however, that can elevate the charges to aggravated DUI, which is always considered a felony. You can be charged with a felony for the following:

  • DUI causing an accident which results in serious injury to another person;
  • DUI with a passenger under age 16 in your vehicle, causing an accident which results in any injury to the child; and
  • DUI in a school zone with restricted speed limits in effect, causing an accident which results in any injury to another person.

The penalties associated with a conviction for DUI causing an injury depend on the circumstances of the case. If convicted, however, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of ten days in prison or 480 hours of community service, and much longer sentences are possible.

Chicago Lawyers for Aggravated DUI

Of course, the most tragic cases of DUI are those that involve death of any kind. Illinois law provides that any DUI resulting in death is a Class 2 felony. In addition to the minimum penalties associated with any felony DUI, a conviction for DUI causing death carries a prison sentence of up to 14 years, and 28 years for causing multiple deaths.

When you have been charged with any type of DUI-related offense, you need a lawyer who is committed to helping you protect your future. At Luisi Legal Group, we understand the heartbreak and loss of those affected by drunk driving-related injuries and deaths. We also realize that you have legal rights as well. Our team of skilled attorneys will thoroughly investigate the details of your accident and arrest to find any and all evidence that may be useful in your defense. When appropriate, we will work with prosecutors and law enforcement to find a workable resolution that can help reduce the negative impact on your life.

Experienced Attorneys You Can Trust

If you are facing DUI charges of any kind, contact the Chicago office of Luisi Legal Group right away. We will meet with you to discuss your case and explore your legal options. Call 773-276-5541 to schedule your free, confidential consultation today. Our firm serves clients with cases throughout the Chicago area, including the courtrooms of the 26th and California Courthouse, Maywood Courthouse, Skokie Court, Bridgeview Courthouse, Markham Court, and Richard J. Daley Center.

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