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Chicago Drivers License Reinstatement Lawyers

Chicago License Reinstatement Lawyers

Experienced Attorneys in Chicago Helping Clients Restore Their Driving Privileges

Getting your drivers license reinstated once it has been revoked can a challenging and time-consuming process. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and completely confused regarding your rights and responsibilities. Fortunately, you do not need to go through it on your own. The experienced team at Luisi Legal Group is ready to help you restore your driving privileges and get back to the life you deserve.

Revocation of Driving Privileges in Illinois

Although there a number of reasons for which your driver's license may be revoked or suspended under Illinois law, convictions related to driving under the influence (DUI) are among the most common. All revocations in the state are handled by the Office of the Secretary of State, which has established guidelines for driving relief programs and procedures for reinstatement. Certain relief programs, such as the breath-alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) program are fairly accessible for most first-time offenders. Repeat offenders and those seeking hardship-based restricted driving permits may have a more difficult road ahead. Our attorneys can assist you in exploring your available options for getting back on the road quickly.

Informal and Formal Reinstatement Hearings

To be considered for license reinstatement, you will likely need to attend an in-person hearing to present your case. Informal hearings are held on a walk-in basis at one of several dozen locations throughout the state. More serious cases generally require a formal hearing, which must be requested in writing and may be held at one of four regional locations, including one in downtown Chicago. If your revocation or suspension was related to a DUI conviction, you must also undergo an alcohol or drug risk evaluation within six months of your reinstatement hearing.

Protecting the Rights of Clients

Depending on the nature of the offense that led to the revocation or suspension of your license, along with your driving and criminal history, you may face significant challenges in the reinstatement process. With the help of Luisi Legal Group, however, the likelihood of success is much greater. Our attorneys will work to research your case thoroughly, identifying any and all potential obstacles. We will then develop a strategy for overcoming them and assist you in preparing all of the necessary paperwork. Finally, during the hearing itself, we will provide the guidance and support that you need and deserve.

At our law firm, we are dedicated to providing clients with top-quality representation that is both responsible and cost-effective. For more than 15 years, we have worked to develop a reputation as Chicago lawyers who know how to get results, amassing an impressive track-record of courtroom victories and favorable outcomes. When you are pursuing reinstatement of your driver's license, you can be sure that we have handled many cases like yours, and we win cases like yours.

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